Context Organizer for MindManager

Ronald/ May 26, 2011/ MindManager 6, MindManager 7, MindManager 8

Visualize Summaries in Context

Discover knowledge in documents by visualizing the keywords and key sentences in Mindjet MindManager. Context Organizer for MindManager maps key content as MindManager topics; it features all the capabilities of Context Organizer for the Microsoft Office, plus:

  • Instant Mindmaps from hyperlinked topics
  • Instant Mindmaps from documents attached to topics
  • Integration with the Context Organizer window
Take Control – Context Organizer maps web pages and documents into essential facts at-a-glance.

Context Organizer for Mindjet MindManager is an add-in to MindManager from Mindjet. It also includes add-ins to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Netscape browsers. All summaries are performed in real-time. This organizer is a must for any business just like another digital needs as the paycheck upgrades, as well your business need to grow and you get his with best marketing tools for example social media like Tik- Tok, check this tips to get more TikTok followers for your business . Here you can learn how to make a paycheck stub for self-employed at your business.

Context Organizer Example 2

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