aHa!XLS import - Use Excel to get data from your peers and transform them to mindmaps.
aHa!Visual Web Export - The best knowledge management solution for MindManager users!
aHa!Matrix Export - Generate a matrix management report with exception reporting from your mindmap!
aHa!2Way XLS Add-In - The best way to create an Excel Gantt chart from your mindmap!
aHa!1Way XLS Add-In - Meet more efficiently generating Excel tasklist from your mindmap.
Task4Maps -  Automated Task Maps with a Kanban Style with MindManager! Task4Maps helps you manage tasks using the Windows desktop version of MindManager/Mindjet with full automation. Based on an extended Kanban method, Task4Maps divides your tasks into three main categories representing Future, Present, and Past. Each of these is then further divided to fine tune the task proximity to the current day.

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MyMapsPlus - Turbo-Charge your workflow with MyMapsPlus! Integrated Windows Explorer in a MindManager Taskpane makes accessing & managing your files a breeze with drag & drop at your fingertips as well as full folder/file management. Access content from local cloud storage solutions such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. MyMapsPlus dramatically accelerates MindManager workflow for any user. Drag and drop

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Network Builder for Mindjet MindManager - Makes it easy to draw network diagrams and more.
OPTi-Q™ - OPTi-Q™ enables to easily create new procedures, work instructions and reports and automatically build them into the QMS.
OPTi-P2™ - Customise and tailor your project from beginning to end in a way that no other solution currently offers.
OPTi-Docs™ - OPTi-Docs™ can be used to keep a history of the revisions of a particular document without having to manually create copies and rename files etc.