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Meet more efficiently generating Excel tasklist from your mindmap

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Product description

The aHa!1Way XLS add-in exports Mindjet MindManager’s task information into task lists in Microsoft Excel while maintaining the hierarchic structure of your map.

Because the aHa!1Way XLS add-in maintains the hierarchic structure of your map and color codes every unique resource you will get a quick overview of your tasks. This add-in is great to quickly generate action lists based on meeting minute maps so that each of the participants knows what to do after the meeting. Another great application for the aHa!1Way XLS add-in is to use Mindjet MindManager for your time management in your personal dashboard and export all of your tasks to a simple to do list. Many of our clients also use this add-in to generate to do lists for all the members of simple projects or after a brainstorm.

The aHa!1Way XLS add-in:

quickly generates a list in Microsoft Excel with all your milestones and tasks information of your project, meeting, personal dashboard or after a brainstorm. Including start dates, end dates, duration, completion, priority and resources;
generates color codes for each unique resource;
converts the Topic Notes of the topics in your map to cell comments in Microsoft Excel.

Whom is it for?

This product is designed for all MindManager users who work with Excel and quickly want to generate a task list from their project, personal dashboard, meeting or brainstorm in a simple and visual way.

“All my students of my ‘personal dashboard’ class which is part of the Hypershifters course use the aHa1Way add-in for its ease of use, simplicity and because of the visually attractive color coding.”
Alexis van Dam – Trainer with Hypershifters.nl and Academy of Minds.


How to Get Started

Step 1. Use a template

Step 2. Capture action points / tasks where they occur:

Step 3. Export to Excel and use the ‘data’’list’to select your own tasks and check the cell content for your notes:

“The aHa!1 Way add-in is a ‘no brainer’ for every MindManager user who uses MindManager for meetings, simple projects, brainstorms and personal task lists.”
Sebastian Clogg – Business Development Group
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