MapFolderMaker (Pro)

Ronald/ May 26, 2011/ MindManager 2016

Find that you spend hours trying to find documents or that your computer folder filing system does not make sense? Now you can develop organised Map folders in a snap using MindManager and MapfolderMakerPro.

Develop MindManager maps with identical folder structures

MapFolderMaker Pro provides a need that has been identified by MindManager users; the ability to match Main Topic and Sub Topic MindManager map structures to folders.

Keep MapFolder© Information linked

Now you can create your map without worrying about where you have stored a file.Focus on getting your map developed and let MapFolderMaker Pro do all of the folder and file synchronisation work for you in four easy steps taking less than a minute to complete.

Create a complete MapFolder structure in four easy steps

Open MapFolderMaker Pro once your map is complete ( or at any time during the map making process – simply overwrite your folder structure)

  1. Set a Default Folder Destination Path
  2. Save your map using the MindManager SAVE AS XML Option
  3. Select the created XML file
  4. Click on Create Folder Structure and MapFolder is created.

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