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Generate a matrix management report with exception reporting from your mindmap!

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Product description

The aHa!Matrix export automatically generates a simple matrix view of the information of your Mindjet MindManager maps. The hierarchical structure of your map creates rows, columns and cells in the matrix. The notes of the topics in your map are transferred to the corresponding cells in the matrix including hyperlinks. The color of your branche will become the color of your cell. These HTML matrices can be used every map you would like to (also) see as a matrix or process flow.

The aHa!Matrix export:

  • Generates HTML matrices which can be emailed as a single file and are viewable in every (major) web browser.
  • Allows you to do a quick scan and comparison of the information of your MindManager map using color coding for exception reporting.
  • Transfers notes and hyperlinks of your map to the cells in the matrix.
  • Uses the colors of your branches to color the cells of your matrix.

Whom is it for?

This product is designed for all MindManager users who would like to visualize and send their maps as a single HTML matrix transporting notes and hyperlinks to the cells without having to input information twice.

“In almost all my high level consultancy projects for Government, Large international financial organizations I use the aHa!Matrix export.”
Jerre Lubberts – Consultant World of Minds.


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How to Get Started

  1. automatically generate an overview of your program or project using exception reporting;
  2. compare and publish prices, functions, projects, products and so on;
  3. map the knowledge in your team, company or in a certain field of expertise;
  4. design and improve business processes directly from the MindManager map, the roles and steps your team has described will be transported to rows and columns in the html file;
  5. monitor the progress of a business process with the use of exception reporting, the map of 4) will become a smart map, the color of your branches will become the color of your cells;
  6. visualize the status and interdependencies of your Balanced Scorecard Projects
“The aHa!Matrix export helped my to significantly reduce the time I needed to gather key data from 76 business units around the world.”
Jim Simpsom – Global Knowledge Manager Shell



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