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The best knowledge management solution for MindManager users!

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Product description

The aHa!Visual web export allows you to publish the results of a brainstorm, meeting, project-dashboard or a strategy session in the same visual format the participants saw on the beamer when they left the conferencing room.

The aHa!Visual web export takes the mindmap and automatically generates a HTML version of it including links, notes, attachments (which become downloadable), colors, images, icons and so on. The visual aspect of this ‘web export template’ allows easy navigation from branch to branch. A special feature for ‘multimap exports’ allows the navigation to span across all maps – a feature not found in any other web export template.

The aHa!Visual web export:

  • is based on Mindjet MindManager’s “Save as Web Pages” functionality
  • exports in a format that’s viewable in any web browser without having to install
  • any extra plugins
  • has special support for multimap exports
  • exports both the visual layout as the text parts of your map
  • exports all the links and transforms attachments into downloads

Whom is it for?

The aHa!Visual web export is designed for all MindManger users who would like to visualize and send or publish their maps as an HTML mind map website (on the web or a company server). This very professional looking website is an alternative for those whose counterparts can’t install the Mindjet MindManager viewer or who want to make their notes, links and attachments also available to their clients or co-workers.

“This is the most versatile add-in for mindmanager. My clients use it for Knowledge management, Proces descriptions, Instructions, Manuals, Program dashboards and much more.
Jerre Lubberts – Consultant World of Minds.


How to Get Started

Step 1 Finish your mind map in a brain friendly way. E.g. this mind map about the Netherlands:

Step 2. Click ‘Export as web pages’, choose the aHa!Visual web export template and the mindmap website is generated:

You can click on branches and will see all your information is transported to your mind map webside; notes including pictures, links and all your attachments have automatically become ‘downloads’:

This is an example of The Global Knowledge Management Best Practice (PWR) of Shell:

“The aHa!Visual web export plays a central role in our global knowledge management best practice.”
Jim Simpsom – Global Knowledge Manager Shell
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