Gyronix GyroQ

Ronald/ May 26, 2011/ Mindjet 11, MindManager 2012, MindManager 8, MindManager 9

Captures ideas and interruptions in seconds, ready to send to a selected MindManager map later.

GyroQ™ helps you to stay focused and productive by capturing ideas and interruptions in seconds, and placing them in a queue. When you are ready to process them and take decisions, GyroQ sends the queue to a selected MindManager map. Perfect for managing visual to-do lists and implementing David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” with MindManager.

  • Fast and easy to use for MindManager users at all levels
  • Helps productivity and focus by managing interruptions
  • Perfect for capturing ideas and actions for projects and to-do lists
  • Captures ideas and inputs during presentations

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