Gyronix ResultsManager

Ronald/ May 26, 2011/ MindManager 6, MindManager 7, MindManager 8, MindManager 9

Using MindManager® software for brainstorms, project planning, meeting notes, problem solving or creative thinking is highly productive, very addictive and a lot of fun. You quickly discover that you and your team know a lot more than you thought you did, and you can rapidly create sophisticated concepts from a few initial ideas. This is the real power of visualisation and focus, and is the reason that MindManager is the market leader.

In all of these maps, some items will require action to deliver them. Some of the more complex maps will contain not only multiple actions, but sequences of things that must be done in a certain order, by different people, with deadlines.

So what happens when you have ten, twenty or more of these maps alive at the same time, each containing something that is important to you embedded in them? How do you keep track of your commitments without re-entering and reorganising them somewhere else, and losing your project focus in the process?

ResultsManager provides the best of both worlds – graphic visualisation of projects and all their related information and thinking, and dynamically created action lists for taking action and managing your time.

ResultsManager sweeps maps looking for incomplete activities, and dynamically creates “dashboards” that give you an immediate overview of all your open action items. These dashboards are designed to help you take action on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Each day, you can focus on what you need to do next to maintain momentum. Each week or month, you can review and re-prioritise your projects and workload, to keep aiming at your longer term outcomes.

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