Network Builder for Mindjet MindManager

Ronald/ October 4, 2013/ addins, Mindjet 11, MindManager 14, MindManager 15, MindManager 2012, MindManager 9

Network Builder™ from Harport Consulting is an extension for Mindjet® MindManager® that makes it easy to draw network diagrams including Concept Maps, block diagrams, influence diagrams and more within your MindManager® maps.

It uses standard map components, so the diagrams are compatible with other users, and can be exported to PDFs, images or web pages.

Embedding network diagrams within mind maps doubles the value of both, by letting you draw a simple overview of a system or situation, and cross-linking topics to a map where the detail is progressively explored in a tree. The combined diagram benefits from being both a visual model and a navigable reference at the same time, instead of one or the other.

The white paper “Choosing and using Mind Maps and Concept Maps”, available in the Labs download area, explains the benefits and uses of network diagrams from the perspective of mind mapping.

Network Builder is available for Mindjet MindManager 9, MindManager 2012 and Mindjet 11, all on Microsoft Windows only. The documentation includes tutorials and sample templates for a range of network types.

Network Builder Concept Map in MJ11

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