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The management of Quality Management System documentation does not need to be complex. OPTi-Q™ makes this important aspect of your Quality management System simple. Whether your system is based on ISO 9001 or another Quality Standard or method, OPTi-Q™ can make all the difference in successfully delivering your QMS to the organisation.

OPTi-Q™ is a new and unique application that helps manage and navigate Quality Management System, (QMS), documentation, particularly those systems that are based on the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Using the leading Business Mapping software, Mindjet® MindManager®, as a delivery platform, OPTi-Q™ enables the creation, distribution, amendment and navigation of all your QMS documents in a user-friendly visual format.

OPTi-Q™ enables quality to easily create new procedures, work instructions and reports and automatically build them into the QMS for all employees to access through a free viewer.

If you are just starting to design your QMS then OPTi-Q™ can help you as it comes with a complete generic Quality Manual for customization saving you time and money as well as basic templates for quality procedures, work instructions, quality policy and quality reports.

If you already have an established QMS, OPTi-Q™ enables you to create the visual QMS framework and then bring in your existing documents so employees can then access the QMS information through the visual interface provided by the viewer.


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