Ronald/ June 6, 2011/ Mindjet 11, MindManager 14, MindManager 15

One of the first things that most users of Mindjet® MindManager® do when they start using the application is link documents into their maps. MindManager® users in disciplines from Project Management to Technical Authorship and users groups from Project Teams to individual Lawyers or Solicitors are all managing documentation of one type or another in their MindManager® Maps.

Minutes from meetings, project documentation such as Project Briefs, Risk Logs, Plans etc, Customer Proposals, Books, Specifications, Quotes/Tenders and Presentations, the list is endless. All of these documents change during their lifetime creating multiple instances of the document over each iteration/revision and ideally you need to keep records/copies of these changes to provide audit accountability or to reference at a later date. That’s where OPTi-Docs™ comes in.

Up until now there has been no real way of controlling the localised documents that MindManager® is linked to and although you can open documents and then edit them there is no simple way to keep a history of the revisions of a particular document (or any file type for that matter) without having to manually create copies and rename files etc. OPTi-Docs™ for MindManager® changes all of that.



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