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Use Excel to get data from your peers and transform them to mindmaps

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Product description

The aHa!XLS importer allows you to import Microsoft Excel data into Mindjet MindManager,converting the rows, columns and cell data, such as comments, in to a structured map.
For all MindManager users who want to use Excel for project and resource planning.

“I am planning a lot of small projects with each time different team members. First I send my project leaders / peers an Excel template which they fill in with their data. Second I generate mindmaps. Third I generate a Team Dashboard using the Visual Web export and a Gantt Chart using the 2Way and using the aHa!2Way”
Mathieu van der Wal – Manager add-in development and Lead Programmer aHa!Web.


How does it work?

Check the examples below to see if your existing sheets fit the structure the aHa!XLS importer add-in
ask in order to be able to transform your sheet into a mind map.

Automatically generate a mind map in Mindjet MindManager when you open your Microsoft® Excelsheet in MindManager. Please note that the structure of your Excel sheets determines the layout of
your mind map.

This mind map follows the structure of your Excel sheet:

After importing the Excel sheet and generating a mind map you can use another add-in to generate a matrix:

And/or a Gantt chart:

I have been using the aHa!Xls importer to translate the voting behavior of the parliament members into mindmaps in order to make a negotiating system. Works like a charm!
Henk Bos – Advisor to the kabinet of the Prime Minister.
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